Zanesville, Ohio

Anneal/Pickle Line Conversions

Client / Owner

AK Steel

Architect / Engineer

SNC - Lavalin America Inc.




Graycor Industrial

Project Scope

This modernization project involved full-scope, heavy-duty process work, including: demolition and replacement of foundations and entry/exit terminal equipment (including accumulators), removal and replacement of existing strip furnace refractory, and all associated piping and electrical work. Large piping components were prefabricated prior to installation, and a majority of the structural steel was assembled on the ground. In addition, Graycor Industrial’s team constructed a new shot-blast machine with baghouse, replaced two existing pickle tanks, and installed both strip-oiling and acid-chilling equipment.

Graycor also upgraded the plant′s main substation and performed a majority of the piping work for a new process hydraulic system, as well as a proprietary furnace gases piping system and polypropylen-lined pipe for the acid system.

Over the scope of the project, Graycor self-performed concrete, structural steel and mechanical work, with pipefitting work accounting for approximately 25 percent of the overall man-hours. Graycor′s construction strategy included a large amount of modularization, which positively impacted the schedule. Craftsmen worked two 10-hour shifts, six days per week, to complete everything within its aggressive timeline.