Fife, Washington

FedEx Ground Sorting and Distribution Center

Client / Owner

SunCap Property Group

Architect / Engineer

C2K Architecture


Logistics + Distribution


Graycor Construction

Project Scope

Graycor provided design-build services for the new distribution center consisting of 288,426 square feet of distribution space and 16,000 square feet of office space. Two out-buildings were also constructed including a 3,000-square-foot “Gateway Building” which serves as a package pick-up building. A high-tech security station is used to screen personnel upon entering and exiting the facility and interview rooms. The second outbuilding is a 5,000-square-foot vehicle maintenance garage which FedEx uses to service their vans and tractor trailers.

The building is used to install and run automated package conveyors which sort and distribute up to 15,000 packages per hour. The packages are sorted via conveyors, chutes, and high pressure compressed air which blows the packages from one line to the next (in order to minimize contact which packages). The building has sensitive C02/N02 fume detection sensors which tie into the HVAC system for safety, accommodating up to 150 Vans into the building at a time. The building also has extensive trench drains tied into massive Oil Water Separators as they wash all of their vans inside the building.

FedEx Ground Sorting Facility and Distribution Center – Fresno

Fresno, California

FedEx Ground Sorting Facility and Distribution Center

Gaithersburg, Maryland

FedEx Sorting and Distribution Facility

King of Prussia, Pennsylvania