Goose Creek, South Carolina

Williams Station Fire Water System Installation

Client / Owner

Dominion Energy




Graycor Southern

Project Scope

Scope included the installation of new dedicated underground firewater main system. Piping installed is FM approved HDPE DR9 material. Approximately 1080’ of piping compromised of the following sizes and footage; 8” = 150 LF, 12” = 35 LF, 14” = 210 LF and 18” = 685 LF.

Underground mechanical and civil installation work scopes include all trenching / excavation, pipe fusion welds, branch isolation valves (qty of 18 large bore PIV valve stations), new hydrant & spigot connections, bollard protection systems, system flushing and hydro testing, and trench backfill/compaction. Electrical work scopes include 150 LF of underground duct bank. Installation of structural T-posts, building supports, cable tray, and conduit for above ground routing of power cables & control wiring. Newly installed electrical will be supplying power and controls to recently installed fire protection pump (by others).

Cope Generating Station Baghouse Rebuild

Cope, South Carolina